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Who We Are

We are providers and suppliers of Agricultural Products, Perhaps the Original Arabic Gum from Sudan is our main specialty. Beside our knowledge about quality requirements, Food and Pharmaceutical industries we also utilize our deep and historical local market expertise and our relationships with primary producing farms to ensure availability of the right Gum Products at the right time with the right specifications, price and  customer quality requirements.

Having understood the requirements of the Indian Market; we are established to offer a range of Gum Products and Arabic Gum Products, trying to meet the exact requirements of our clients. Our experience in Exporting Gum to International Market is not so long, but is firm and satisfactory as expressed by many of our clients.

Having studied the huge and continuous demand of this original material in Indian market, we are hereby to introduce ourselves as suppliers with the carriage and talent enough to participate in meeting your yearly purchase plan, bringing about the exact product with the preferred quality specifications at the right time and price.

We deeply believe in the power of communication with customers or preferably called clients, mutual understanding and clear addressing of needs within honesty and integrity, which are primarily the keys for professional relationship that is based on recognition of, and commitment toward, these values which are crucial to mutual development, progress and upgrade of our businesses to the demanded levels.

In order to insure proper management of customer orders in the Mena Region including Gulf and Indian Market we were established in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia and we  work jointly with our partners and associate in Sudan . We are specialized in a variety of original Arabic Gum Material from Sudan. Particularly, this is include, grade 1 gum Arabic (acacia Senegal) & grade 2 (acacia seyal) , Hashab and Talha, in its kibbled format with various particle  sizes as required or in its powdered, or mechanically powdered formats.

Best time to make Gum Deals is the peak production season in Sudan which is known to start from January to April , hence fresh raw materials with best prices, and best delivery services can be more granted.

Why Us?

Our deep Knowledge of the local, our relationships with primary producers (farms) , our understanding of the international market requirements beside our communicative and professional approach have made us one of the forerunners in the market.

We have built up our expertise responding to diverse customer requirements through the quality of the products and strong distribution network.    

Our products cater to the key industrial sectors of Food, Beverages, Pharmaceutical, Packaging and other innovative industries , therefore, our area of business is of significance width and complexity, producing a challenging opportunities toward  mutual success.

Our Efficient teamwork & strong business bonds with our associates in Sudan have guided us to expand the business into international levels , seeking clients who are looking for such potentials.

We have always been maintaining a communicative approach , and competitive price range for all our products

Quality Policy

Understanding and clear addressing of  client's requirements within honesty and integrity, recognition of, and commitment toward, business values of Best Quality, Service and Cost  which are crucial to mutual development, progress and upgrade of businesses to the demanded levels.


Our Mission is to Establish Strategic, Continuous and Long Term Relationships with Potential Clients in the Indian Market. So we can together actively engage in the provision and supply of this important resource to meet the requirements of the huge market of India. Thus we can hold a prime position as suppliers of Original Arabic Gum from Sudan.

Our Products

Customers can avail from us Gum in its known following four grades:

  • Hand Picked Selected (HPS)
  • Kibbled Raw Arabic Gum
    • Kibbled grade: This one contains granules with a maximum size of 14 mm and minimum size of 3mm and it comes in a maximum range of 8mm
    • Cleaned grade: This gum lumps get manually broken with no limit on the granule size
  • Spray Dried Gum
  • Mechanically Powdered- For optimum purity applications.

We have special preparations for Indian Market requirement of Talha Gum (Sized 1 to 5 mm) as minimum and 6 to 15 mm maximum.

Documents and Certifications:

  • Certificate of origin authenticated by (Sudan Chamber of Commerce)
  • Health (Phytosanitary) Certificate issued from (Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry)
  • Certificate of Quality issued by (Sudanese Standard & Metrology Organization)
  • Commercial Invoice certified by (Sudan Chamber of Commerce)
  • Packing List
  • B\L

Why Us?

  • Understanding Of the Market
  • Experience And Knowledge
  • Trusted Vendors
  • Honest Deals
  • Sales Support
  • Client Centric
Quality Analysis

Uninterrupted and determined quality work has remained our continual process. Ever since our inception, we are engaged in delivering pure products like Acacia Gum, Kibbled  Gum, Hashab Gum etc., to our valued clients. In addition, our assigned team of staff members, keeps vigil eye on every work procedure of the vendors, which backs us in offering refined and thoroughly processed Gum Products. Furthermore, for the storage of the products, we have installed sophisticated warehousing units, which is made according to the following parameters:
  • Clean and Hygienic
  • Facility of Fire Extinguishers
  • Pest And Insect Free
  • Properly Ventilated
  • Moisture Resistant
Product Range

The products we deal with, are filed with quality features, as they are being traded from trusted vendors. Moreover, constant outlook on the work procedures and track records of the vendor base, helps us to supply speckles products for the clients.  The list of our Product Range is as follows:
  • Natural Arabic Gum
  • Acacia Gum
  • Talha Gum
  • Hashab Gum
  • Kibbled  Gum
  • Gum Powder
  • Powdered Gum and Many More.
Our Strength

Strength comes from the purpose to live with an aim, and accomplish it by unleashing every storm of difficulty in-between. We, as an organization works with an aim to achieve maximum market appreciation, by overcoming all the battles of industrial competition. In the process of surviving with coveted results, we have recruited a team of talented staff members, who undertakes and execute every given job with result oriented solutions. Moreover, our capability to answer every query of the clients with ethical, transparent and satisfying way, drives us to the path of customer oriented organization.